The “UI update” V0.6 released

Version 0.6 was planned to be the storyline update, but it turns out creating storyline elements takes ages, and you end up creating a bunch of other content as you go along. So while I continue working on the storyline features I’m releasing an assortment of random other stuff I created along the way. However, the most obvious change is a complete overall of the UI, so thats what this update is getting called.

Major features in this version:

  • Video Command Chairs – A kind of command chair that can have a camera feed connected to it; allowing you to remotely control a turret and still see whats going on
  • Reinforced glass panels – A bunch of shaped glass panels to produce more interesting cockpits
  • Ants and ant colonies
  • Improved inventory interaction – shift clicking on an item will auto move it
  • Improved cave creation algorithm – look more like caves and less like a knife has been passed through the planet
  • Glow mushrooms – primarily found in any colonies
  • A bunch of bug fixes – by which I mean there were never any bugs
  • And of course, the complete overhaul of the UI

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