One Million Worlds is released!

One Million Worlds is officially released (as early access) and available to buy on steam. Because its early access the updates will come thick and fast but this is a major milestone towards finishing the game!

Main Capsule

So, the games out, now to thoughts of Major Update 1 (no not a rest). This comes out of my research of open world games (read; playing games) where you can feel a little lost in the early game; not quite sure what you’re supposed to do. The One Million Worlds intro was built in response to that but it doesn’t go far enough so the first major update will be the Story Lines Update, this will be an (optional) guided path through the game taking you around the world and presenting you with challenges unique to the game.

Building that is going to be interesting as it will mesh a procedurally generated world with predefined story line elements. This means that the elements of the story line will appear in different contexts each play through; being familiar, but not quite the same. Should be fun.

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