Automated Rocket Factory

At the end of the last video I promised that I would could create a load of circuitry to fully automate the rocket factory, and while that is possible it would have been a lot of circuitry so instead of that I created a new block, the procedure block that allows the “do this, then this, then that” to be a lot easier to set up.


When you click into this block you get a simple UI that allows you to set up a series of outputs to run through


So with just that addition we can automate the rocket factory! Which I’ve put on top of a space ship, because why not.


Now due to certain, explosion related issues I realize I didn’t give you a close up view of the factory running, so here it is:


I’ve had a few videos of fairly military technology, but in the next video I plan on going in a more peaceful direction with a tunnel boring machine (that also collects and sorts any resources it finds along the way).

One thought on “Automated Rocket Factory”

  1. Well, I thought the last one was amazing, this was something else. Does it mean I can have a walker? Puzzles would be amazing ont this given the freedom. With these components, it looks like anything might be possible, and I’m looking forward to being on the bridge. I’d like to learn how I can survive in a new world, as you always seem to have 999 of everything. I can’t wait for the beta


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