Rocket Factory!

I’ve been creating a couple of new blocks that help automate building:

A placer block that can place blocks, either as a new machine or attached to an existing machine


The placement block is part of the pipes system so you can use pipes to fill it up with things to place (or just open it and put things in manually)

And an attractor block that can pull other machines towards it (and lock them in position when they are close enough)


And with enough of them you can build a rocket factory:


An interesting question is if a sign post is a sensible way to input data into a machine, ………., its a fair point.

I mentioned a “more complicated circuit” running it all in the video but that feels a little complicated so I’m planning on adding a “procedure block” that you can set to [output the number 6 for 5 seconds then output the number 7 for 2 seconds] etc that should simplify that sort of thing.

3 thoughts on “Rocket Factory!”

  1. Hi, I did try to like this video again, but it just won’t let me. Thus, like! I’m a huge fan of this, and I love that everything is clear on its own, and you’re actually explaining it in the game world. I’m looking forward to the beta, and hopefully getting some form of success in this game. It’s amazing work that puts my game dev to shame. Keep it up


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