I plan on using this blog to write about my progress writing my blockworld game. If the name “Blockworld” doesn’t mean much to you its because one game in particular dominates that genre, but it isn’t the only one. So this is a blockworld:


Great, so now we’re on the same page. Now a lot of you will have just said: “But that’s *REDACTED*!” and I’ll agree it does look pretty similar. So why do I want to remake a game that already exists? Well the answer is I don’t. Blockworlds you’ll have seen before tend to be fairly architectural; a building here, a bridge there, and if I’m honest that is already really fun, so many hours sunk, so many. But, when I was a child I didn’t make buildings and bridges out of Lego, I made spaceships and machines and things that moved (or at least that I imagined moving) and that’s what I wanted from my blockworld. Something like this:


That incidentally is something you could build in my game (I really need to decide on a title). You can see it has engines to move and maneuver and those green things on the end are energy projectors (weapons) linked up to sensors (the red blocks) all wired together to detect and shoot at hostile machines. But that particular ship is something that is also generated by the game and under Ai controll, it will wander around the world and if you shoot at it it will turn hostile and start shooting back and never forgive you (mental note; need to fix that last bit, slightly player hostile).

So; enough with the screenshots, I keep talking about “things that move” so here’s a video of all the things that move:

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